Tai Lopez Business Ideas Contest Part Two

Eli Huerta
Eli Huerta Imagine a internet based communication system where you can upload photos videos and just express yourself and life events !!!
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Alex Alcantar
Alex Alcantar Forget facebook, twitter and myspace. And welcomo MyTwittFace.
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Charles Agu
Charles Agu An online platform similar to Facebook. But for people that promote their talents and skills.


Jye Cassidy
Jye Cassidy Haha next minute all your business ideas are gone! Shocker 😂Keep quiet people
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Maaz Ro-Khan
Maaz Ro-Khan Hassan Khan Farhan Khan Sohail Khan Nasir Khan Osama Ali Mohsin KaHn Incase if you are still interested so have a look at the comments section and get an idea.
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Andrew Behrens
Andrew Behrens Videogame Streaming. Platform similar to Netflix that lets you play videogames for a monthly rate instead of watch movies/tv


Balam Vidal
Balam Vidal A healthy Restaurant that sells only homemade soups with lots of chunky vegetables


Preston Schnitker
Preston Schnitker App that finds a job specifically based on your personality and interests


Mason Avery Pridham
Mason Avery Pridham solar powered Night lights that stick on the inside of your house windows ( via Suction Cup )


Luis Romero
Luis Romero Home made food packed up and go to a business district during lunch time and offer packed home made food instead of them having to get fast food they can get healthier and better home made food


Nnaemeka Elijah
Nnaemeka Elijah A combined social media house like an app making all into one. it will be called FIyTIS.com.


Kian Desjardins-Dowedoff
Kian Desjardins-Dowedoff Develop a Facebook account with a huge network. Offer money to one person out of hundreds for business ideas, take the best ideas recreate them. Profit.


Mike Mildon
Mike Mildon A fitness/running app that tells you “you’re doing great” after every mile


Nick de Peyon
Nick de Peyon Filters for cleaning and desalination of water. Population is growing fast and fresh water is a limited resource.


Zoe Atarodian
Zoe Atarodian Solar Panels for Cars and Trucks
I can see it so clearly and would be awesome🔜🔆


Shannik Menson
Shannik Menson Salon/spa with consulting side for wedding and event plannin


Wade Zelazny

Wade Zelazny Why would I leave my best business idea on here, just for someone to take it and make themselves rich 🤔

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Dave Casey
Dave Casey A company that pays you to read books📚


Ali Mahvan
Ali Mahvan Wait, the winner gets $500, but do you just take their idea?


Brandon Tasciotti
Brandon Tasciotti Best business idea is the one you make happen. Talking about it only goes so far.


Dustin Wylie
Dustin Wylie A sponge that sticks to the bathtub wall so big guys or inflexible people can wash their back


Marcus Simonson
Marcus Simonson Little Tai Lopez doll with a string you pull and it gives you a lesson that can be updated via wifi and an app.


Nicholas Alexander McIsaac
Nicholas Alexander McIsaac Smart watch, makes you read more, call it the TaiWatch, or TaiBand.


Luis Henrique Oliveira
Luis Henrique Oliveira I have one, what about paying $500 for business ideas that can possibly worth millions in the future?


Jason Redmandana
Jason Redmandana online delivery service that delivers anything and everything at anytime… mostly.. beer ciggs and food… 24/7… delivers everything. and has most employees available at night….


Edgar Villarreal
Edgar Villarreal an App that shows what a woman’s body would look like naked, from any picture.


Rod Eubanks
Rod Eubanks Your on call gas ⛽️ station we fill your tank while you are at home or office. Pre Pay via our app we also will have food and snacks on arrival or request. Don’t be late to your next appointment because you have to put gas in your own vehicle while we can do it for you. Safety is our priority.
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Timothy Zachary La Rock
Timothy Zachary La Rock A company where hot girls come to your house and make you sandwhiches for you and your friends while you drink beer.


Akosi Papabear
Akosi Papabear 500$ should be given to the poor or choose anyone there and let that 500$ start as their capital. 😄


Bryan R Tena
Bryan R Tena Why would anyone give away an idea they came up with ?? Crowd sourcing business ideas is bad business.


Kody King
Kody King A suit company that has different brands from many different companies not just one. People to hell you find what you need and to fit you.


Bourget Alexandre
Bourget Alexandre Biodegradable plastic bottles and timmies coffee cups that will decompose itself into the earth instead of causing trash and pollution . Or having a door to door salesman or find some source of exposure for a business that could afford selling mini solar panels to people to put either on the roof of the house or on a pole/post in the backyard that will save them money on electricity, catch is they have a payment plan for the panel to pay it off after so many months/years. Depending on the size of it. Once paid off you generate electricity and knock down your bill bi-monthly . Might sounds like stupid ideals but idk thought I’d take a chance .. Tai Lopez thanks for the opportunity . I’d put the 500$ on my brand new car lol


Luke Gadek
Luke Gadek You people just estimated the value of your ideas for $500 lol
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Snehashis Bandyopadhyay
Snehashis Bandyopadhyay Putting up posts like this on the timeline with cash rewards so that one can steal ideas of other people.


Fortunato Dela Rosa
Fortunato Dela Rosa too bad, most ideas i have would probably land you in prison. LOL


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Jorge Robinson
Jorge Robinson GIANT filters placed underwater to clean out polluted rivers (like the Hudson River for example).


Gemilo May-Rheyan
Gemilo May-Rheyan New airline company tai..replace united airlines tai 👌
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Sandra Batiste
Sandra Batiste Add a couple of more zeros to that number and I will give you a great business venture idea. 😎
Inbox me.


Alii Aliyeto
Alii Aliyeto How about you guys keep that idea 💡 and use for your own benefit? 🤔 you have the idea all you need is the WILL to take ACTION


Emmanuel Monsivais
Emmanuel Monsivais i will offer a dollar for like to mi bussines idea post for 200 times may culd earn 300 Tai Lopez


Evan Rico
Evan Rico I still don’t understand why I can’t snap a pic of my W2 and have a website or app do my taxes for me? I understand I would need to confirm information. It would be no different than going to a preparer. I hate going in and I hate doing it myself. It seems this could be streamlined.


Lennon Ferguson
Lennon Ferguson A car wash business for Lamborghini’s only in the Hollywood Hills. $47 per wash.


David Leal
David Leal Invest in my company!
We also have a catering/fundraising program.

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Felix Lucky
Felix Lucky U can make your own website where people can download games, apps, and music


Allen Cruz
Allen Cruz A business that meets your passion will always be the best 😃
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Arnel Magno Vanessa Santos-Magno
Arnel Magno Vanessa Santos-Magno Door knob that you can unlock/lock using your own app. And the key can be passed on too to your family/friends using the same app.


Juan Felix
Juan Felix Solar panel phone cases
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Jose Manuel Castillo Lopezz
Jose Manuel Castillo Lopezz How about a business with Lamborghinis, books, and garages?
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John Pizzitola
John Pizzitola Having a resturaunt dedicated to your blood type diet. Blood type A, B, AB and O each have a different diet.


Emmanuel Morales
Emmanuel Morales Omg people actually giving there ideas away haha. Im mind blown


Jeremiah Legaspi
Jeremiah Legaspi A business that provides our daily needs like food, water, electricity, and healthy living with a unique style.


Vizi Andrei
Vizi Andrei Best business idea: get people to tell you great business ideas for 500 dollars. I’m serious. 🙂


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Alonso Ochoa Torres


Evan Medina
Evan Medina $500? Offer a percentage and then maybe we can talk


Oliver Viray
Oliver Viray A blog based on how each social media platform can expand and improve. Using social media to improve social media.


Jaime Cosare
Jaime Cosare Hahahahaha,,,i have no idea,,because if I have,,Maybe im like u now,,with a sucessful & a great busenissman,,,


Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez I have idea. How about a candy store that has candies from around the world…


Howard Burroughs
Howard Burroughs It’s like GTA, but an augmented reality game like Pokémon go. Crime included


Junior Gonzalez
Junior Gonzalez App or added feature to let people how far are you exactly from destination without having to manually type a text.


Mãtt Sàńchez
Mãtt Sàńchez Open a local shop & teach others FOREX TRADING !#SouthTexas #ValleyEntrepreneurs


Igor Drake
Igor Drake Buy 67 steps from tai lopez, rename it to 68 steps and resell it for a 75% discount on my website..


Igor Drake
Igor Drake Tai is just going to steal all of your ideas and make millions of dollars. Tesla would be rolling in his grave right now..


Igor Drake
Igor Drake An ebook on how come come up with good business ideas. Now how do i collect my $500?


Leon LC Calhoun

Leon LC Calhoun My clothing line about positivity

And saying i hate heroin and i hate meth along with other ideas mainly it’s about the message


Arya Kamandaka
Arya Kamandaka Make villa using bamboo and other traditional equipment in bali.


Edwin Plascencia
Edwin Plascencia An app that is designed to pretend its a person who really cares about you and gives you great advice and unconditional love.


Cesar Cruz
Cesar Cruz Network marketing


Dugan King
Dugan King Acquiring all 3D Blueprints as we move to change are infrastructure to 3D printing where houses and parts where house will start making parts locally


Chris Martin
Chris Martin So you would see your business idea for A CHANCE at $500? You just proved you’re not going to cut it in the industry. 😕


Denver Rafanan
Denver Rafanan GPS food delivery service. Know if your pizza or Chinese food is near by your home. Estimated delivery time.


Lee T LaMare
Lee T LaMare For why? I mean if it’s an idea what’s stopping a team of investors to take said idea?


Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez Building dedicated to using aeroponics to grow any legal, leafy plant


Kladzonemotoworx Sonsona Sechico
Kladzonemotoworx Sonsona Sechico Build something that don’t last a long time…. so your business keeps going…


Sidahmed Hmtt
Sidahmed Hmtt The best business idea to help poor peapel to developed hem self


Jamar Ivey
Jamar Ivey Parking lots or doctors office every one needs parking and nurses and doctors


Carlos Ibarra
Carlos Ibarra $500 for him to steal your billion dollar idea. And idiots will listen. SMH…


Marienella Francisco Utod
Marienella Francisco Utod A $500 is enough to start for a foodcart near our school here


Xavier Laguna
Xavier Laguna Death match chess, you get to do a mortal combat type finisher on your opponent when you take their piece


Christian Ronald Tanggo
Christian Ronald Tanggo A health app so you can call a doctor to your home as easy as ordering pizza


Andre Hemenez
Andre Hemenez Well if I tell you, you would take it from me. Soooo i can’t but i would be interested in possibly partnering with you.
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El Cucho
El Cucho Social market agency or any program like that in spanish since theres none


Celebrado Jozsaeki
Celebrado Jozsaeki Contruction materials made from biodegradable waste.its time for us to be more aware on how we can help in saving mother earth.


Matt Cash
Matt Cash Im not wasting my ideas for 500. Too many billion dollar ideas 😂
BreeSt Henny
BreeSt Henny A movie, music, and game stream site/app that can be accessed via subscription and has the largest library in the world .


Courtney Marie
Courtney Marie Getting a company like virgin or making your own and getting them to do video chat like skype .. and pay for it on your phone plan.. for those who dont have iphone 😉


Aftab Afridi
Aftab Afridi Something which we can afford and breaks the crazy brands. I’m doing the same thing here and still get 125% profit 😊 can’t share what I do


Luisao Roberto Galvez
Luisao Roberto Galvez A app to teach you how to trade and what books to read . Also to teach you when to trade.


Pat Ford
Pat Ford Hi Tai ! ,,, Buy Low sale high, take The money and run, smart phone ads//you tube,,,,


Miriam Jodieres
Miriam Jodieres A blanket which get cool when the weather is hot and gets warm when the weather is cold.


Louis Aguirre
Louis Aguirre Charging phones full charge within 5 minutes. Its very vital to have our smart phones charged quick it can be life saving when doing business.


Froilan Siobal
Froilan Siobal Groceries on demand. Families can order online and groceries will bevdelivered with a fee


Jay Son
Jay Son App that can detect all nearest stores even without cignals and network cignals


Melissa Jane
Melissa Jane Using Virtual reality and 3D videos to train medical doctors, MIDWIVES and nurses so as to improve maternal and infant health in Africa.


Mohd Rasydan Mohd Sani
Mohd Rasydan Mohd Sani Smartphone apps that find any donation or charity stuff at nearby location. (Money, Food, clothes, shoes, tuition, books,services…)


Gabriel Cristopher
Gabriel Cristopher Make a PC game , is the best idea , becaus , now all children play on pc


Mamun Syed
Mamun Syed Used dealer ship .restaurant business . real estate. And fincancely services


Gavin Hubert Yap
Gavin Hubert Yap Best business idea does not worth $500 but $500MIL. PM for more details. 🙂


Richer Morin
Richer Morin Mentorship school like mentor is product but with real 24/7 mentorship with a 1800 toll free with an app connecting all the mentors student togheter like Tyler does with his


Roman Harris
Roman Harris A,screen sharing device for your phone or pc like a,tablet only for screen share use


Ali Zee
Ali Zee A platform whee u can stream live channels on laptop. And watch games for a fix price. Smartphones are the new tv.


Abdul Halim Ahmad
Abdul Halim Ahmad Funding, steal money from capitalists and build restaurant for homeless (free Food)


Christian Zavala
Christian Zavala We clean and wash your car at the confort of your 🏡. Home carwash
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Sterling Fisher
Sterling Fisher A wide space to park vehicles or store a plethora of books. We can call it Garage. “Here In My Garage” is our slogan.


Aj Esposito
Aj Esposito A umbrella stroller that can be worn like a backpack


Bruno Gonzalez
Bruno Gonzalez Independent interpreter translator in English and other language(s) over the phone, work from home….


Muhammad Baig
Muhammad Baig Y’all crazy for just giving out your brilliant ideas for free like this man that’s how these people get one up on you
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Raven Man Modell O'Donnell
Raven Man Modell O’Donnell App that tells me ciggy brands and prices b4 I walk into store


Al Ramirez Garcia Jr
Al Ramirez Garcia Jr Bud and beer delivery service
Smoke n Turf( where people can smoke bud and eat lunch)
I dont smoke btw


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Jonathon Flight
Jonathon Flight Video content and storytelling by Food World Culture


Gabriel Segurado
Gabriel Segurado Develop the best anti-revenge porn AI technology and get acquired by Mark Zuckerberg for a couple billions…


Gabriel Segurado
Gabriel Segurado Bill Gates’ ingenious machine that turns feces into drinking water


Gabriel Segurado
Gabriel Segurado Construction company specialized in building walls and located in one of the states at the border with Mexico.


Gabriel Segurado
Gabriel Segurado An app able to detect drones so you can protect yourself in the case of a drone terrorist attack lmao better yet: a device able to “hide” you from drones


David Bancroft
David Bancroft Uber +1 they will have someone drive your car home for you. No more leaving your car downtown after the club


EmeYuleiby Guadarrama
EmeYuleiby Guadarrama Eco – homes for college students made from shipping cargo boxes for low income college students


Dev Mahadev
Dev Mahadev My business idea has to be discussed in person.Willing to meet you in person


Hakim A Hasan
Hakim A Hasan Selling a list of good business ideas
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Ryan Sawai
Ryan Sawai Confidence coach app.


Lê Văn Ước
Lê Văn Ước take your money to bail potential companys out of financial difficulty and…you know ^_^


Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez $Helpers$ a business that does every thing or finds you what you need from the confidenceal to the. End of the universe type of stuff Better the 🌎 People sometimes just need help and dont know where to turns mixing advisers with insite giving awareness and changing outlooks or recreation visions mentoring training everything buy and re:sale the list goes on and on and on there is money to be made every where


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Fritz Pangan
Fritz Pangan A multi level marketing that focuses on health, beauty and wellness 🤗
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Zuriel Jan Remedios
Zuriel Jan Remedios Wireless chargers,A wifi that only connect in light,More Hyperbird cars, Make cars no diesel..thats all i wanna say..


Alexander Iserhoff
Alexander Iserhoff The Idea to create Business Ideas Based off your personal Interests and what you want to do in a Business and how you would start your business kinda like Sparking someone’s Intelligence. A Business to really bring the Creativity out of someone.


Vincent Matthew
Vincent Matthew Selling advance or unreleased​ stuffs or technologies can be more profitable than any other. Trust me you won’t regret. 🙂
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Prady Tiwari
Prady Tiwari Pickup and delivery system for those who goes to… post office or anywhere else….


Pranjal Bordoloi
Pranjal Bordoloi Import organic tea, black tea white from assam.. It helps to treat cancer… Assam (india) tea has a lot of demand.. U can also import green tea


Lacey Jay Provost
Lacey Jay Provost The baby bassinet that moves & mimics a baby being driven around…


Inam Satti
Inam Satti Bring such an educating system which would come over all the terrorism and blood sucking human beings.


John Vince David Catacutan
John Vince David Catacutan Online affiliate you don’t have to develop any products yourself, just sell other people’s products.


Jagadish Jampala
Jagadish Jampala Hi sir, your reading over at public problems, that ye are you helping to public’s, it is great . and great to sir,


Helen Tricarico
Helen Tricarico Why would I give away my business idea for $500 bucks🙄
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Darion Gatson-McDaniel
Darion Gatson-McDaniel He didn’t even check the Facebook ideas. Only Twitter


Dennis Schaub
Dennis Schaub Portable nuclear bunkers
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Eddie Juarez
Eddie Juarez Create an app that gives free vacation to whoever sign up for any of your affiliate/advertising offers👊


Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales Affiliate program that will allow you access to all products, help you build as many online stores as you want, help you link all products and services out there.linked to all sovial media sites . Help you generate traffic, email marketing. Logo creating. With no monthly fee. Only low percentage rate per sale. Atleasf 10%-50% comission.


Fernando Cerceda
Fernando Cerceda Credit. Simple.
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Einrich Hibpshman
Einrich Hibpshman Small indicator line or a lid on dairy products that change color when the product goes bad.


Eric Furst
Eric Furst 3 words. Heated Toilet Seat
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Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez Heavy soccer ball. Train players to kick harder and farther. Heavy gloves to train goalies for better reflexes


Amr Ismail
Amr Ismail Sharecream.com,as u know I scream we scream for ice cream right? Well on this site you would be able to send your friend your favorite kind of ice-cream and he does the same to you, we would have on this site a variety of flavours from all over the world from all the different ice-cream companies


Rex Lizardo
Rex Lizardo Library here at Facebook.where I can buy a book from you 🙂


Michael Salvatierra
Michael Salvatierra bating skills


Dz Tz Tz
Dz Tz Tz How about a stock broker !


Kameron Hall
Kameron Hall Facebook was a great idea!


Eddie Sias
Eddie Sias Making a dislike button for facebook.


Jared Fay
Jared Fay Sushi Bowl..Seaweed ,Rice,Salmon,salmon Eggs,Crab Meat With The Sauces …All In A Bowl …No Rolling Needed #Boom


Thuyen Nguyen
Thuyen Nguyen Write a book: “Reading- Changed My Life” Author: Tai Lopez. Sell on Amazon, FB,TW…


Ramon Alonso
Ramon Alonso Aquamar the new mineral water capsules (water of the sea)


Damian Ochoa Guzman
Damian Ochoa Guzman Clothing line


Abderrahim Belagnach
Abderrahim Belagnach Please can u make another one .


Carlos Pasillas
Carlos Pasillas Midget fighting championship
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James York
James York Coffee shop with strippers or like hooters but coffee


Jake Hakala
Jake Hakala Greeting cards using popular memes
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Genai Trillo
Genai Trillo But not the cell phone case the cell phone itself


JD Carlos
JD Carlos Best bus. Build 5 to 10 apartment house.. everymonth you earn


Joe Pedrasa
Joe Pedrasa A government that serves the people and not their own interests
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Bobby Haas
Bobby Haas Buy low sell high
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Axell Perez
Axell Perez taco trucks lets go


Javier Alvarez
Javier Alvarez Dm me for great idea.


Leandro Francisco
Leandro Francisco Monthly subscription to a book club that delivers a few books to you a month


Jose Meza
Jose Meza Food restaurant chain such as McDonald’s Starbucks in n out etc
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Jimmy Orellana
Jimmy Orellana Vloging store/a candy store for video creators


Sambii Butkovic
Sambii Butkovic Drive thru toilets! Convenient!


Logan Sturgeon
Logan Sturgeon Hemp. Use it for plastic, clothes, virtually anything


Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera Detailing and car wash shop


Cristian Moreira Fossatti


Greg Paul
Greg Paul A entrepreneur website with profiles.
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John Myrage Addabbo
John Myrage Addabbo Kidnap Tai and hold him for ransom 💡🔫💲😂


Samuel Waterhouse
Samuel Waterhouse No way 😂


Jay Kol
Jay Kol Buffalo Chicken bites, with blue cheese INSIDE. Yup.


James York
James York Cooolest cooler


James York
James York Alchohol delivery


Westley Thomas
Westley Thomas How bout an app that tell u need a oil change in your vehicle


Ed Eclud Jr.
Ed Eclud Jr. A massage parlor offering a self service massage.


Talal Salameh
Talal Salameh Disposable bed sheets for college kid dorms
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Orrin S. Webb
Orrin S. Webb Public Blockchain for financial investments.
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Vivek Sen
Vivek Sen Selling my million dollar idea in $500 would be a bad business


Albert Sanchez
Albert Sanchez An app that makes you read to access your favorite app!


Denis Dafinić
Denis Dafinić the best business idea
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Eric Alvarado
Eric Alvarado Work smarter, not harder.


Arianna Reese
Arianna Reese The social media marketing agency
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Mauricio Camacho
Mauricio Camacho Portable crepe maker like the elote man.


Michael Mallin
Michael Mallin Start smoking crack. It gives you super powers


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Cameron Greenwood
Cameron Greenwood Solar panel shingles


Gerinardo Morla
Gerinardo Morla #rawthentique 👈🏽 that was once an idea 😎


Jonny Whirle
Jonny Whirle Construction franchises for each different trade,


Alexander Rudolph
Alexander Rudolph My best business advice is worth more Than 500$ 🙂


Victor Ceja
Victor Ceja Weed growing


Victor Ceja
Victor Ceja Liqour store


Ricky Vasquez
Ricky Vasquez Charcoal peel off masks


Juan Felix
Juan Felix Wind shield wipers for glasses


Dwany Cruz
Dwany Cruz Invest in a new artist. His name is CRUZZZBABY


Brian Hart
Brian Hart $500 to *whom ,Mr. Books.


Michael Mallin
Michael Mallin Make more money then you spend


Dennis Issac
Dennis Issac A driving school


Ca Li
Ca Li Condom


Daniel Elian
Daniel Elian Rise and grind


Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas Video games that are works out


Asher Nig
Asher Nig Seriously just $500 for an idea ?


James Little
James Little Lularoe


Jc Penny
Jc Penny Mobile phone battery chargers


Tai Bui
Tai Bui Spaghetti tacos


Pacita Gapasin Mendoza
Pacita Gapasin Mendoza My business idea is forex exchange


Fausto Dominguez Rueda


Andreea Deea
Andreea Deea Exclusive membership only club


Anaru Harris
Anaru Harris A app that works like a school.


Bilál Âhméd

Bilál Âhméd Cool Post :* Tai Lopez

:* How Are You :* Tai Lopez

Bot by :* Bilál Âhméd

<3 <3 Hitlerbd.Tk <3 <3


Matt Hicks
Matt Hicks Mobile spray tan


Matt Hicks
Matt Hicks Mobile karoke food truck


Matt Hicks
Matt Hicks Mobile spray tan


Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks Grilled cheese fusion food cart


Matt Hicks
Matt Hicks Karoke food truck


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Ricardo Salazar
Ricardo Salazar I see what you did here.
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Christian Payba Baligod
Christian Payba Baligod Honesty store that no cashier. self service store.


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Skye Curtis
Skye Curtis A book store


Skye Curtis
Skye Curtis Hmm lets see investing in yourself


Yun Liu
Yun Liu Line Waiters App


Gabriel Romero
Gabriel Romero Social media marketing
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Guilherme Cotliarenko
Guilherme Cotliarenko An online course that teaches how to much money 😉


Carmen Vito Blundo
Carmen Vito Blundo I’d rather keep my ideas to myself for now


Arnel David
Arnel David Hardware store or gasoline station.


Robert Brown


Mark Rasi
Mark Rasi Stop making money on people.


Shaune Allan
Shaune Allan A soccer academy


Abelardo Ochoa


Lirio Dionisio
Lirio Dionisio Only one thing i can say i need your support.


Donovan Whitecap
Donovan Whitecap Can’t say. I’m sorry Tai.


Nermina Kovačević
Nermina Kovačević Custom portraits painted in any art style you like.


Chris Snyder
Chris Snyder FB library with audibles


Sclaver SylSyl
Sclaver SylSyl Social media marketing,


Justin Scheel


Daniel Ng
Daniel Ng Fried Chicken
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Kyle Cox
Kyle Cox Affordable Metal detection outside of schools


EL Foss


Mike Morahan
Mike Morahan Silverware roller for restaurants


Chris Martino Soque
Chris Martino Soque A business that’s not profitable and can feed orphan children


Felix Lucky
Felix Lucky OR open an international school for anyone from different country


Rose Adames
Rose Adames Invest in your own bank!
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Garner Maquiling Dado
Garner Maquiling Dado For me, here in thr Philippines is INTERNET CAFE


Alonso Ochoa Torres
Alonso Ochoa Torres SELL INMORTALITY


Gemilo May-Rheyan
Gemilo May-Rheyan Food business or a bar ..


Tony Elizondo
Tony Elizondo Got a bunch if you make me lead designer or CEO lolo


Amaury Chang
Amaury Chang Teleportation


Ruth Aguillon Daylisan
Ruth Aguillon Daylisan An all organic fast food change


De Patron Aruna
De Patron Aruna Try shipping and logistics business.


Matt Cash
Matt Cash What happened to the vr road rash idea?
Dhar Plando
Dhar Plando Solar panel system


Beau Franks
Beau Franks Tai Lopez branded socks !!!! Woooooooooo weeeeeee lol


Joaquin Alexzander Cisneros Ruiz
Joaquin Alexzander Cisneros Ruiz How do I know you won’t steal my idea…. Lol


ジェイソン カンバ
ジェイソン カンバ PC Cafe with studying lounge or One Piece Themed PC Cafe 😀 😀 😀


Matt Cash
Matt Cash Hire a team of writers to create a superhero for movies
Yeimi Estrada
Yeimi Estrada How to Manage social media like you Do 👊🏼


Matt Rubin
Matt Rubin A bullet that cleans your gun. Military contacts 🙂


Sudhanshu Gupta
Sudhanshu Gupta You seem to be a smart ass nd all rest dumbass..😂😂😂
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Matt Cash
Matt Cash Create a super hero character for magazines
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez Heated and night light toilet seats


Dan Visser

Dan Visser I Win !

Image may contain: text


Aj Konze
Aj Konze Message me and ill guarantee you will want to go 50/50 on my idea


Kerry Cottrell
Kerry Cottrell A baby car seat that plays music 🎶😃


Fenris Coleman
Fenris Coleman A school that actually teaches useful skills.


黄尔胤 Selling your business idea 💡 is the best idea


Gillonni Green
Gillonni Green Shoezm think of shazm but for sneaker heads


Matt Cash
Matt Cash Write a book
Jhoemer Layug
Jhoemer Layug A pure monopoly business. Like electricity.


Char Lee
Char Lee Mobile Dental Services !!!


Steven Kerber
Steven Kerber Mobile recording studio chain!


JoZsh DC Silvestre
JoZsh DC Silvestre Listen to tai lopez advice and you will be motivated.


Liam Mcrae
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Michael Sarno
Michael Sarno Knowledge


Rashawn Black
Rashawn Black Affiliate marketing partnering with other businesses


Julia Wareham
Julia Wareham The Internet.


Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez Shoe clean and shine stations!


Samael Perez
Samael Perez Are u going to fund it?


Brent Lievense
Brent Lievense Not exposing mine unless he’s investing, shiet.


Jovin Roulette
Jovin Roulette Create your own clothing line lol


David M Denali
David M Denali Simple….Redbox


Stephen Reveles
Stephen Reveles Tai lopez action figures.
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Thyrone O. Cameron
Thyrone O. Cameron LOL Tai Lopez – Great creative marketing! $500 for multiple business ideas 💡
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Xavier Sanchez


Mike Montana
Mike Montana Tai for president lol


Frank Alfred
Frank Alfred Sell good weed for just low price👌👍


Liz Zepeda de Olivas
Liz Zepeda de Olivas Mobile HAIR SALON/BARBER pleaseeeeee!!
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Dennis Irlandez
Dennis Irlandez Will you give me ur 500 dollar Tai.


Michael Andrew Antunez
Michael Andrew Antunez Lemonade stand with a twist of lime 🍋 boom #gamechanger2017


Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen Always take chances…


Jadon Olson
Jadon Olson Social media


Manuel Carreon
Manuel Carreon Continue helping people thats all i can i say…😊


Mark Angelo Penaflor
Mark Angelo Penaflor need the money for business for bakery


Zaur Naghieff
Zaur Naghieff r u serious bro? 😃
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Joseph Folks
Joseph Folks A good business idea?
Minding it….


Yogesh Kumar
Yogesh Kumar Modification and sales of pre owned cars and modification of new cars
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Trenton Cooper
Trenton Cooper See, think, plan, do 👌


Rizza Mae Ong
Rizza Mae Ong like upwork but all industries included.
online classified ads.


Mutale Chileshe Sampa
Mutale Chileshe Sampa Making new clothes using old clothes, recycling clothes
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Ke Vin Tinte Mapanao
Ke Vin Tinte Mapanao Best business is food for all i hope u like ….


Evan Bakker
Evan Bakker Make an app for purchasing MUTUAL funds. And educate.


Taylor Hunia
Taylor Hunia Pizza with chicken nuggets on it.


Omer Munawar
Omer Munawar YOUTUBE


Dvnixl Lopxz
Dvnixl Lopxz Action is my greatest business idea


Matthew Krabbe
Matthew Krabbe Hes going to steal your ideas lol


Yvan Ortiz
Yvan Ortiz Airless vehicle tire.


Lee Che
Lee Che Hahaha


Precious Obed
Precious Obed Hair styleist


Carlos Toscano
Carlos Toscano a lightswitch almost everyone uses it every single day a few times.


Ye Ye
Ye Ye Make toll gate and collect money


Edmond C Benson
Edmond C Benson Thinking!!


Kyler Relyk
Kyler Relyk Condoms that DONT BREAK OR SLIDE OFF