Lawsuit Filed: These Top Selling Cheap Wines Are High in Arsenic. Heres what you NEED to know!


Cheap wine is a staple in many households across the US. But does that cheapness come at a cost to your health? According to a lawsuit filed today in California the answer is YES regarding some popular, top selling and inexpensive wines. CBS reports:

Following recent warnings about the amount of arsenic in apple juice and rice, a proposed class action lawsuit is being filed Thursday in California that claims some of the countrys top selling wines have high levels of the element: up to four and five times the maximum amount the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows for drinking water, reports CBS News correspondent Carter Evans.

There are almost no federal labeling requirements to tell you whats really in wine, thats why a Denver laboratory started running tests to find out.

After 15 years working in the wine distribution business, Kevin Hicks started BeverageGrades, a laboratory that analyzes wine. What he discovered shocked him.

Some very, very high levels of arsenic, Hicks said.

He tested more than 1,300 bottles of wine. Almost a quarter of them had levels higher than the EPAs maximum allowable amount of arsenic in drinking water: 10 parts per billion. No one can say for sure why, but Hicks noticed a pattern.

The lower the price of wine on a per-liter basis, the higher the amount of arsenic, he said.

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