BuilderAll Platform and Opportunity

BuilderAll Platform and Opportunity

I have been building online marketing funnels for the past 3 years.

Basically, every business, website and blog needs an accompanying sales funnel.

But the thing is, every sales funnel should also have an accompanying website or blog.

The platform I currently use to build my marketing funnels costs me $297/mth. And all it does is build funnels and integrate with a built in autoresponder and ecommerce tools.

BuilderAll does everything that platform does plus 100x more. It can also create beautiful SEO websites and blogs. Plus it has a bunch of cool built in tools like floating videos, animated videos and design tools to make your website really stand out.

The amazing thing is that ALL OF THIS only costs $29/mth!

But more amazing, is the 2-tier commercial license pays 100% of any initial sales you make, and then 30% of all future recurring sales from not only the person who enrolled under you, but also the people who directly enroll under them.

So the ripple effect from this opportunity could be huge if you build the right team. I personally earned $901.46 USD in my first 6 days.

I will be providing support and training in this system for anybody who joins my team as well as anybody who joins my team’s team.